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If you’ve given the best of you, and have put in the necessary effort, you’ll finally notice how your relationship improves progressively.

Be careful though, because you could get too complacent, stop pulling your weight, and lose some of the progress already achieved.

You’ll be very caring and thoughtful with your partner’s wishes, but if you find something disturbing beneath the appearance of perfection that makes you cringe, learn to find definitive solutions.

If you’re single do not despair, as the best moments in love will arrive completely unexpectedly. Not even your sixth sense will be to alert you to when the best is about to come, Scorpio.

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Energized by the astral affluence, you’ll seek to turn your ideas into something concrete, which allows you to execute various professional projects with ease.

Your taste for danger, which has always lived deep within you, will come out. However, it won’t jeopardize your chances to achieve success and generate wealth by taking excessive risks. 

There’ll be days when you’ll mistrust even your shadow, having the nastiest feeling that someone it sticking their hands in your pocket, whether it’s in your savings or your properties.

To put your mind at ease (as you’re not entirely wrong) carry out an audit, turn everything upside down, go through the details of your accounts and try to find what’s missing, if there’s anything.

Your saving ability will generate envy. You’ll be able to have a beautiful and sparkly house, and a fridge full of food, for very little money. You truly are a master.


You’ll probably be in better shape than usual thanks to the influence of certain planets, which won’t save you from experiencing a certain degree of anxiety anyway.

You’ll have to try and rest more, and work on your mood; for this reason, it’s better if you don’t binge watch series at night every day of the week, and catch an early night instead.

By midweek try to find some time to go to a lake, swimming pool or some place where there’s a lot of water. Any activities you undertake there will be great for your body.

You’ll also have a great opportunity to tackle any bad habits (which are usually really expensive as well).