Scorpio Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


You’ll constantly be looking to have some quality time over the next few days, Scorpio. You need to make some room in your schedule to surprise your partner (especially if they live far away), or to do fun activities with the family.

If you’re single (or divorced) you should RSVP any event that you’re invited to. You might bump into someone very pleasant at one of them, who will enrapture you with their unusual, spontaneous and somewhat cheeky personality, according to the Magic Horoscope oracle.

Don’t over-analyze whether every person you bump into could be your soulmate when you find them, you’ll know.

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This week you’ll be in a very objective mood and you’ll be ready to do things with fortitude and dexterity. You’ll be especially skilled at erasing your mistakes (but don’t throw dirt on others to cover your mistakes, alright?) and you’ll be able to move forward in certain projects that had come to a halt.

Your point of view will be innovative, Scorpio, and you’ll be inspired to find ways of making your financial life easier. You won’t drown in a glass of water, and if your boat were at risk of sinking, you’d find a bubble to keep you afloat.

Sometimes, the easiest way to have more available cash is by looking for a second job, even if it’s only temporary until your finances are back to normal.


You like to sleep until late, but the weekly prediction reveals that your sleep won’t be regular or uniform. Some nights you’ll be tormented by insomnia, and you won’t be able to recharge your batteries efficiently.

Don’t get frustrated if the situations in your life force you to stay at home more than you’d like, perhaps because you’re recovering from an injury, or because you don’t have money to go on holidays the way you’d like to.

At home, you can develop your spiritual side by embracing new meditation techniques, and you can feed your mind by reading interesting novels and essays.