Scorpio Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




Your lack of focus might cause trouble in paradise this week.

Domestic issues demand your full attention but lately, you have been evading your responsibilities. It would be best to keep calm because deep down you know your partner is right to blame your lack of involvement. 

Harmony will prevail once you center yourself on the problems of the household and make it a point to show our significant other that you're a reliable partner. 

We recommend you take the first step; stop waiting to see how the other person reacts. Put together a romantic dinner and surprise them with an unexpected gift, or perhaps with new sex positions


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Your economy is booming and with it, people who desperately need to ask you for favors. You're not cheap, but you should also be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

You haven't finalized all your projects, however, and you still have some obstacles to overcome. Start thinking about an action plan and of strategies to organize your time best.

Thursday's energy will inevitably cause you a drop in creative energy, and you'll also come across a situation which will force you to change priorities. One day of being "off your game" won't be so bad. 

Saturday will be another challenging day this week as someone influential will question your way of doing things. Stand your ground, Scorpio


Take care of your mood swings; you might experience oscillating feelings at the beginning of the week. Ignoring them might cause mental stress and anxiety. 

Until you become grateful for the things you have, any illness that you suffer from will take longer to cure. At the same time, if you become too engulfed in your problems, they could manifest themselves as physical lesions. 

On Wednesday you will have the opportunity to shed all negativity thanks to a loved one. Learn how to enjoy your five senses, it's the best way to disconnect from an overly active mind that so often troubles you.