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You’ll have an excellent week when it comes to matters of the heart. That person you’ve been getting to know will accept you just the way you are. Don’t hesitate to take risks for them, even if it doesn’t work out, it will still be an amazing experience you’ll remember for years to come.

If you still haven’t found someone you really like, don’t close your door to love. These days there will be plenty of opportunities to find that one special someone. You’ll exude sensuality, Scorpio! Get your thoughts straight, decide what you want and go for it without a second thought.

Remember to always keep your financial independence, Scorpio! This way you’ll avoid unnecessary quarrels and long-term issues.

You’ll have some lovely exchanges with your loved ones. Enjoy them! You’ll feel whole being close to them.



Don’t rush into making decisions these days. There will be some changes, even if you weren’t looking for them, and they won’t be negative. You’ll have to give without expecting anything in return, this will improve your working environment.

Someone will try to take advantage of you at work, even if you’re aware of it, don’t lash out at them. Be assertive! Remember not to tread on any of your colleague’s toes on your way towards your promotion. That’s not a nice thing to do!

This week you’ll be tempted to treat yourself to some of your whims. Control those impulses, if you give in it might affect your financial situation, and you’ll regret it.

Towards the weekend, you’ll focus on getting closer to the most influential people at work. Take advantage of this and learn as much as you can from them.


This week it will be essential to avoid noise pollution. So much noise overloads your mind, and doesn’t allow you to think clearly. You must try and isolate yourself from the noise at all costs, even if just for one hour a day. This will help you have better emotional balance.

You’ll have to spend some time organising your schedule and setting times for your daily routines. Improvising is alright, but it’s not time efficient, Scorpio.

Learn to take care of your mind, through simple relaxation techniques which will give you the calm you need.