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Your romantic sky isn’t completely clear, even if the sun shines on you, there will still be a few clouds that will temporarily block the brightest happiness. This means it will be neither heaven nor hell for you.

This week the stars invite you to be tolerant, to not impose your will always and at all times, to improve your people skills, whether it’s to talk to your crush or to go over some cohabitation matters with your partner.

Sharing your feelings is important, even those you’ve been bottling up for long. Being truthful has its rewards, honesty is a virtue that you should praise and convey, Scorpio.

Stop worrying about appearances, going through life wearing a mask, pretending everything is rose coloured and perfect! We all have struggles, light cannot exist without shadows, especially in terms of love.

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In your finances you’ll notice the obstacles in your way appear bigger and harder to overcome than usual. There’ll be complicated moments, but please avoid getting stuck in the role of victim, complaining left, right and centre. Because one day you’ll have real, much larger problems, and what will you do then, how will you fix them?

Get out of your bubble, of your secret garden, and try to have more of a relationship with your colleagues, with people who do the same thing you do, or with your students if you’re a teacher. Your shyness is too big an obstacle in your path towards success.

Your most brilliant ideas will come in the form of a mental flash, so carry pen and paper with you to write them down, or record memos on your phone to prevent them from falling into oblivion. You’ll have really neat ideas!


You’ll be a warrior, like the planet Mars, your willpower will be wondrous and you’ll be able to achieve any goals you set. You won’t skip your diet, or make excuses to skip the gym!

The key is being independent, to pay no mind to what others say and to stop waiting for your friend to invite you to go for a run, be the one to make that call!

Listen to your body, if you notice that your resistance is less than usual, don’t push yourself too hard, alright?

Lastly, remember to pick up any results of tests or analyzes. You might also get a call to book you in for surgery, if you’ve been on the waitlist.