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If you’re single, you’ll have to be very crafty this week, but Venus will lend you a hand to achieve it. There will come a time when you won’t know what other gimmicks to employ to make your crush look your way, and smile at you.

You’d walk the tightrope while juggling flaming knives if need be, you’d risk your own life, just to be the centre of attention!

However, Mercury indicates that you’re not the same, you have very different ways of looking at life, and they’re incompatible. It would be best if you just dropped it and moved on.

If you’re in a relationship, your story will continue evolving, but in some cases you might choose to go your separate ways to find new beginnings.

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You’ll have unforeseen expenses that will mess up your budget, such as a wedding invite. You can start setting money aside already! You’ll even think about not going, just so you don’t have to buy clothes or arrange transportation.

Some Scorpios will have clashes at work, but if you’re smart you’ll hold your tongue, and you won’t take other people’s opinion as a personal affront. .

There’ll be very good vibes for those who work trading artwork, or buying and selling antiques; but you’ll have to sharpen your bartering skills so you can get a bigger slice of the pie.


You’ll do some soul searching, where you’ll ask yourself where you want to go in life, what your goals are, and you’ll channel your energy to achieve them. And it won’t be easy!

To practice meditation, if you burn some incense and put on relaxing music, you’ll see things will flow more freely.

From Monday to Sunday, you should focus on doing things that make you happy, which nurture your soul. Take this as a challenge which you should face as if your life depended on it.

But watch your diet, not when you’re cooking, but when you go shopping; If you buy products that have gone off, you’ll have a belly ache for the ages.