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For this week, communications will be necessary, and everything you need to tell your partner will be well received. The stars are in your favor to help you reach all your goals through words. 

You'll know how to manage any kind of manipulation. They will want to make you fall into behaviors that distort you, but you won't allow it thanks to your inner well-being and to the fact that you are capable of being above childish attitudes.

However, in the case you are trying a new relationship, it's not the time to throw caution to the wind. Too much self-confidence makes you radically reject the possibility of rejection, and this is a mistake to avoid. Having a certain reluctance when dealing with who you like, looks good, Scorpio.


It's a week full of decisions and new beginnings. Although they will take some time, they will end up well. 

Soon you'll see yourself involved in quite big projects, so you will have to stay focused because they will require a great discipline from you. You'd better get used to the idea right away, Scorpio.

You'll learn a lot these days. Not only skills but also about issues related to the financial world, something that will help you with your household economy. 

There are certain economic upheavals in your life right now. You lack control of expenses, and it's not because you spend too much, It's complicated for you to keep your accounts up to date.


Today the planets protect you with their good energies. But don't overdo your efforts, because there won't be a positive influence that will save you if you decide to do crazy things.

You'll have good health throughout the week, and it's partly because you got your good habits back. You'll do it with pleasure because you like it.

Neptune will be your greatest ally. To enhance the goodness of this planet that always brings peace and serenity, carry with you a small quartz crystal.

On the other hand, the days of this week can become very heavy due to bad rest. Try to make your dinners light, too much food brings disturbances in your sleep, like nightmares.