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If you have a commitment that you have to respect, avoid getting into sticky situations, and you won’t need to have to find solutions.

At times you’ve demanded freedom in your relationship, and your partner was understanding of this even though it took them some time to come to terms with it. However, if you make the time to be together, and prepare a nice evening together, it’ll all be better.

You’ll only have a heated argument if you’re in a relationship where the flame of love has extinguished for good; if this is the case, it’s time to call it a day.

If you’re single, you must know there’s someone who likes you a lot, but you’re afraid to get close because you’re afraid of being rejected.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained: you need to take that leap of faith, without complicated plans or strategies.

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This week, more than ever, the pressure will be on your financial management. You’ll also need to be astute when you have to solve some inconvenient matters, such as bills you thought you’d paid but which are actually overdue.

Just be careful with one thing: unscrupulous people, they might try to get money from you by appealing to your kindness. Avoid loaning big sums (whether it’s to friends or relatives because you’ll never see them or the money again).

Sometimes it will seem like everything is going wrong, that you’re going against the flow, and perhaps you are; but in spite of this, you’ll still give the best of you and your performance won’t be affected.


You long for new experiences, to escape your little bubble, but you can’t use up all of your energies to achieve this goal. You can’t climb the Everest in one day, Scorpio.

With regards to your health, you need to consider quality over quantity. Think about this if, for example, you’re going to buy a massage bundle. Better to have a good one from a professional, than ten from an apprentice.

Listen to your body and rest according to your needs. Learn to go to bed at a reasonable time, if you want to avoid looking like a zombie!