Scorpio Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


The Magic Horoscope offers light and shadow for Scorpio this week. On one hand, you’ll be happier, at home peace will reign, and your relationship with your children and other family members will be good, partially because you have great communication skills.

However, some aspects of the astral environment aren’t conducive for marital faithfulness. You’ll dream of living adventures with someone else, and even if you’re not out looking for lovers, it could be that potential lovers will come calling (or texting).

If you’re single, you’ll dream of stable and honest love, you’ll avoid one night stands, as you want a steady flame, that always burns at the same temperature.

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Say goodbye to September with a good level of organization. Your professional life evolves slowly, and you might even surprise yourself at some point by how far you’ve come. You’ll be especially quick with numbers, investments and sales.

Write down any ideas that pop into your mind; perhaps it’s not the time to put them into practice, but it would be a shame to forget them.

Be on the lookout for signs, there’ll be opportunities to consolidate your finances through good connections. Any investments to ensure a more prosperous future will be successful, such as getting a pension scheme.


You’re doing things right, better than you think. If you don’t fall off the wagon and stay disciplined, especially when it comes to food, there’ll be a day this week where you’ll feel lighter, and full of energy.

Remember that it’s best to eat little, but often, that stuffing your face a couple of times a day when hunger bites. And don’t forget to include a daily dose of proteins, whether it’s animal or vegetable-based!

Gym dates with friends or relatives will be good for your health, especially if they involve being in the water.