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Scorpio Weekly Prediction for 24-30 December

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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Express what you feel, Scorpio, don't leave anything inside of you. It's difficult for you to show yourself sociable at this time of the year because you like being with one person instead of in a group. 

Leave your need for control aside, and you'll discover that you can have fun with more than one person. You'll love to talk to more than one person at the dinner; you'll really enjoy it. 

Opening yourself to others, even if it is your partner, will fill you up with hope and delight that you usually don't let yourself feel. Christmas is an excellent time to experiment with the universal aspect of love, Scorpio. 

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This week you'll be very busy with so much work, but don't let worries keep you from living this magical moment of the year.

What is more important, the money or the time you spend with your family? Your bosses aren't going to say anything if you hand in something late or you have more than one task pending. Get rid of this fear, your colleagues are understanding. They aren't perfect either. 

Patiently tolerate not being able to develop as you would like at work. This retention is inevitable, for now. You decide if you want to make the most of your free time or if you prefer to be bitter because you can not leave the office, Scorpio.


Try looking after your mind as better as you can and to provide your brain with quality stimulus at this time of the year. 

You hate feeling in bad shape,  but it's not that you are going to do anything about it. 

The advice of the Magic Horoscope is that you resign yourself, because your appetite will be difficult to control right now. Isn't it better to enjoy without remorse? There will be enough time to go back to the restrictive diets, Scorpio. 


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