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The relationship has somehow changed, and you're not sure how to feel about it. What has happened? It's easy: the spark has been put off a bit. But it's still there, Scorpio!

The first step is acceptation. So, knowing that you have to get more involved, this is an excellent week of discovery of new roads and great experimentation.

If you aren't in a relationship, you'll be interested in casual sex. You want to feel desired intensely again. And there's nothing wrong with that! Just make sure you don't play with people's feelings, and your intentions are clear. 

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Your colleagues are trying to bother you. You are known as someone easy to tease, so that is why they are trying to destabilize you.

You can change this unpleasant situation accepting that you don't know everything and downplaying what other people say. Nasty comments are like "gifts," you don't keep them if you don't accept them...

The rest of the week you'll have to fight against the idea of changing jobs. You are OK where you are, and you like stability conditions, although your colleagues are total idiots.


When you feel anxiety, it's very easy to succumb to sweets and that self-satisfying behavior that you then regret. Monday won't be an easy day, and you'll feel the temptation... But at least you'll be able to resist!

Use that Scorpio energy that you put into your work or your relationships to start taking better care of your health. You are on the verge of achieving excellent results, now that you have acquired sufficient maturity.

Go for a massage or give your body the reward it deserves with some relaxing techniques, Scorpio.