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It’s been a while since you stopped believing in fairytales, and you know they’re nothing more than bedtime stories parents tell their children.

Love isn’t a feeling that can be put down in words, each person experiences it their own way, and it’s entirely subjective.

Therefore, during this last week of the third month of the year, you’ll question certain matter pertaining to your heart.

You’ll question whether you truly love the person you’ve chosen as a partner, and the shadow of a potential faux pas will become ever more present in your head.

With regards to family matters, don’t neglect your elders, even if they seem healthy and happy, they may be hiding some bad news.

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It’s a good week to make money through sweat and tears, but you’ll have to change your mindset a bit.

Teamwork gives you anxiety, and you’ll have to confront your own fears; if you’re working on your own, be more receptive to suggestions and orders that come down the chain of command.

Try not to always rely on electronic currency, such as credit cards; you could get a nasty surprise while trying to pay in a store, due to a magnetic strip malfunction or similar issues. Always carry some cash with you!

Lastly, the Magic Horoscope stars advice you to be prudent, and to not talk about politics or religion with those who aren’t interested in your point of view.


Your health will be very good, as you’ll be open to receiving advice which you’d normally pay no mind to.

You’ll open up your mind through reading, and you’ll learn about other points of view, you’ll become more knowledgeable and you’ll find new and efficient tools to guide you towards your happiness.

Look for suggestions on new sports to practice, as you’ve lost interest in the ones you had been doing. If you take the first step you’ll meet people with similar interests and hobbies, the key is to never stop trying!