Scorpio Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


This will be an excellent week in your love life. Your heart will beat harmoniously and you’ll find the solace you’ve been looking for. You’ll corroborate that divine justice exists, or perhaps we should say karma, either way, you’ll get to savour the long-awaited moment where those who hurt you through their actions or words in the past will approach you to apologize.

It’s a great week to start creating long term plans, the Scorpios who are in a relationship might discover the direction you want to move in with their partners. Those who are single might bump into a very special person with whom they’ll connect and create an epic romance.

Towards the end of the week, you’ll find talking about your feelings much easier. You can approach others from a more humble and clear perspective, this way you’ll find more understanding and approachableness and you’ll be able to settle any differences.

On Saturday the moon and your regent, Pluto will give your life a special aura. Sexuality and intrigue will keep you busy and entertained so long as you can avoid manipulation and jealousy.

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The week shows a favourable beginning for Scorpio in terms of your financial and professional situation.

The new moon will happen on Tuesday and you’ll be able to sow the seeds of your progress in terms of financial stability.

You’ll learn lessons where you’ll discover your worth and your gifts, and what role they play in your progress.

Your financial security will come from further training and from listening to the signs you receive from the Universe.

You’ll have great chances which can increase your income with little effort, and you shouldn’t waste them.

You have a good astral disposition to develop a new project and you’ll have titanic willpower when it comes to working hard and giving it your all. If you act confidently, you’ll easily achieve your goals.


The presence of Mars in your area of the zodiac gives you great enthusiasm and energy. Those born on the second day will benefit the most this week from this astral visit.

The planet of vigour and strength is in a good cosmic aspect with Saturn, and this will provide support for the development of your willpower and strength. If you want to, you can achieve many positive changes and start creating new habits in your daily life.

You need to moderate your intensity, otherwise you could suffer annoying small accidents.