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Faithfulness in your relationship will become extremely important for you: you’ll see it as the cement that keeps the bricks of your home together, and this can turn you into a very jealous person over the next seven days.

Sometimes you’ll take on the role of external observer of reality rather than being an active member of the relationship, but don’t overdo it or your partner will get fed up.

You’ll be very analytical, you’ll want to get to the root of your current behaviours and, in a certain way, you’ll be tempted by what’s going on outside, by the unknown (but you’ll censor yourself and you’ll pretend nothing’s happening).

Luckily, the stars will accommodate your needs, as if you were the star of the film, to make everything easier and help you accept social norms and constructs.

If you’re single, you’ll look at someone you already know from a completely new perspective; analyze the situation before making a move. Are there any signs that you could be successful?

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Your financial situation is under the best omens during this week of transition between August and September, and during it, you’ll know how to manage your expenses as if it were a game, with efficiency and ease. You could even carry out the most profitable transactions! You’ll make money!

Old acquaintances you’ve done business within the past will request your services again, and you’ll happily agree to reestablish commercial relations with them. You’ll even have the feeling that no time has passed at all!

You’ll pay for past mistakes, but you’ll ask for mercy and, likewise, you’ll forgive other people’s errors. This won’t harm your personal confidence, and you’ll learn your lesson to become more efficient, Scorpio.


You’ll do well to be more alert than usual in terms of your health. You’re not at risk of anything serious, but being repeatedly negligent could have a negative impact on your wellbeing.

There’s no easy road in the path to your health, there’ll always be potholes, temptations, and recklessness that can come into play.

What do the stars advise? To double your efforts to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle, without becoming too rigid, you also need to enjoy life every day.