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Have you set up a love detective agency? Your mind is full of suspicion, all linked to your feelings.

To avoid being overwhelmed by your doubts, you need the Magic Horoscope to show you how much love your partner has for you, but in an easy way, you don’t want to mull over cryptic messages.

If you’re in a relationship you should let your guard down without fear so you can enjoy the good things, let the world stop for a minute and stay like that, frozen.

But there’ll be some days this week, where you’ll be overcome with jealousy, worried about infidelity, you’ll question concepts such as faithfulness; Venus will help you trust in your partner as a strong person.

If you’re single, when it comes to making decisions in your love life, your head will be firmly on your shoulders, but you might also confuse pleasure, leisure and freedom.

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The Magic Horoscope reveals that this week you’ll choose a stricter management of your resources, so no money is wasted.

You’ve come a long way with your savings, and the time has come to make a balance, to see whether you should continue in the same direction or you need to make adjustments.

If you have questions for your bank or accountant, don’t keep them to yourself: it’s the time to ask them freely.

At work you might encounter new projects, as well as having to face challenges which will throw you off balance, but will make you stronger, especially if you work in a creative environment which will allow you to move forward in your personal path.

The stars will help you understand what goals are best for your financial life; listen to your intuition and to the signs.


Any risk for your well being might be blown out of proportion, so try to be judicious, and don’t take challenges where you could potentially fail.

When practicing sports or working out, be mindful of your current physical state; don’t go to climb a mountain if you’re going to be out of breath halfway through.

To brighten your mind, meditate a little. Avoid tormenting yourself over nothing, you have seven days ahead of you to learn to relax and enjoy.