Scorpio Weekly Prediction for 28 January - 3 February

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Your motto for this week will be: "there's no rush." You'll argue with your partner whatever it is that is not clear yet. If you aren't in a relationship, you won't miss having one either. 

This week, you'll get more attention from your partner and from people you know, because you prefer showing your most enigmatic side. 

You'll also get to the remarkable conclusion that it's not healthy, not for you and for your relationship, to go to bed being mad, Scorpio. Solve your problems talking to your partner, and you'll realize what that person feels for you is stronger than you believe. 

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Some responsibilities at the beginning of this week will overwhelm you... When this happens, avoid blaming the rest. It's OK to fail and be mistaken; it's part of the learning of doing it "perfect."

The fight with a colleague will be particularly tough. You know that person is ambitious, but you feel that you are better qualified for the job. Then don't be ashamed! Bring out your talents as well as your dominant personality.

This week, you'll be able to stand out at work, so if you have any projects, ideas, or a proposal for improvement... It's time to put all the thoughts you have on the table.


Health isn't the absence of illness, but something else... And you're going to prove it this week. When you decide to dedicate yourself some time, your wellbeing increases and you feel like an entirely different person with renewed energies. 

You'll enjoy trying new experiences, especially in the kitchen. Trying different flavors will lead you to have a balanced diet. 

Towards the end of the week, you'll relax, because you're trying new therapies that were unknown for you up to then.