Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for 29 April - 5 May

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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You’ll have to turn the page if you want to keep moving forward; your love problems this week will have a lot more to do with your self-love than with your partner or family.

You’ve been carrying a lot of emotional baggage around, but you can only keep doing it for so long, eventually you won’t be able to cope anymore.

You’ll notice you have your other half’s support, understanding and encouragement; they will even put up with your bad mood.

As the week advances, the astral environment will favour all those born under Scorpio, who will find themselves in very stimulating situations, especially if they’re single.

You’ll meet new people that will brighten your life, you’ll love kindly and tenderly, and you’ll be safe from the inevitable pain brought on by a scorching passion.

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At work you’ll aim high and you’ll nail it; the mix of April and May will make you very objective, but it won’t tarnish your willingness to bet on your business.

You’ll receive a lot of support and you’ll be able to successfully complete very ambitious projects, both the ones you have to do on your own and the ones you have to do as a team; You’ll be the train engine, and you’ll hope to be rewarded for this in the future.

However, you’ll be realistic enough to turn down fanciful ventures, of the kind that promise loads of money in your account in exchange for selling smoke and mirrors to unwitting victims. You’re better than that, you’re a person of principle who cannot be bought.

Thanks to Mercury’s aspect, your accounts should be very healthy and you’ll execute your budgets beautifully, with renewed dynamism and vitality.


Someone will give you a rude awakening regarding your health, it might be your partner, or a physician who’s concerned about your wellbeing.

They will only ask one thing from you: to obey unconditionally, and you’ll be meek to a certain extent, and will follow the example they set for you.

They won’t have to remind you to change your behaviour to avoid unnecessary tension.

Jupiter’s energy will allow many Scorpios to make great progress in sports, and if you compete you’ll be feared by all your rivals.

It couldn’t be all good news, though, could it? Venus will enhance your gluttony and could make you put on weight if you don’t control yourself.