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It’s all a matter of determination: navigating the surprises that arise with your partner (if you don’t make an effort, you’ll argue constantly).

Far from being traumatised by any indication of a crisis, you’ll be ready to rebuild your relationship completely, using honesty as your tool.

It’s in your hands to turn things around and gain back the heart of your loved one! You need to find the path that moves away from fears and doubts, discovering your own emotional balance.

Generally speaking, any break from your routine will be welcome, if you’re single, you won’t hesitate to do some crazy things, you’ll take the first steps to break the ice with that person you like. You won’t always be this charming, so make the most of it!

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The cosmos will allow you to make a balance of your finances objectively, which you needed, didn’t you? All for the sake of having a more rigorous basis for your projects and intentions.

Thus, you’ll see the way to achieve your professional goals with clarity. Your efficiency will be valued by your supervisors if you do things properly, Scorpio.

One of the key things will be to finish what you’ve already started; things done only halfway through are no good, and it’s a waste of effort and resources.

Some might feel truly overwhelmed at times (it’s not all fun and games, unfortunately!), especially if your contract is about to end and you haven’t been asked to renew it for a few more months, or if you’re currently unemployed.


It’s a fact: you lead a hectic life and this week that connects the seventh and eighth months of the year you’ll feel your physical resilience is dwindling.

Yes, accumulated fatigue combined with the hot weather will reduce your energy and you’ll have to look after yourself (don’t expect others to do it for you!).

Rest more but don’t become stagnant and sedentary: you need to exercise your body little by little, it’s the only way to get in shape.

There’ll be moments of intense vanity, where you’ll want to look after yourself, but don’t look for a fast way to improve your appearance, alright?