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You’ll start the first week of June feeling distrustful, Scorpio; you’re not fond of the idea of things continuing as they are, and for this reason, you’ll consider starting from scratch in your love life.

You need to evaluate your desire to regain your freedom carefully, but your sixth sense could fail you there, and tear your life apart.

Before you make a viable decision, think long and hard and, if need be, take advice from your family or from friends who’ve already been through something similar.

If you’re single, the intensity of your feelings will increase, whether it’s love or hate; Don’t think the battle is won before it’s started. On the contrary, you risk losing a lot if you give in to unrestrained impulsiveness.

Likewise, if someone has hurt you, it’s likely that rancour won’t let you move forward and enjoy the present. Let go of that grudge.

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Knowledge isn’t everything in life; it’s wonderful to have a mental library, but, do you know how to make the most of that knowledge and turn it into money?

With Pluto on a financial aspect, your professional relations can be quite tense; people will try to anger you, and you might give them the satisfaction by getting annoyed over trivialities.

To minimize insignificant annoyances, the best thing you can do is to keep working hard, which the Magic Horoscope guarantees you’ll be able to do.

Jupiter’s positive aspects will enable you to perform excellent financial transactions and, thus, increase your personal resources. You’ll have brilliant investment ideas, although seeking professional advice is always a good idea, and to read the news about that business sector.


Under Mercury’s influence, you’ll be like a Duracell battery, full of charge and ready to light up to anyone who needs it.

If you keep this rhythm up for too long, you might have a nervous breakdown, and there’ll be nothing left to do but rest. You might even end up on bed rest, because you won’t be able to cope anymore, Scorpio.

Avoid overeating, even if the food looks great on the table; the image of tasty food disturbs your inner balance.

Practice sports in moderation and don’t let anyone talk you into bad habits.