Scorpio Weekly Horoscope
Scorpio Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Tranquility is with you during this week of transition between September and October, and for this reason, you’ll enjoy love more, and you’ll do it more calmly. You won’t be overwhelmed by conjugal problems, you’ll easily find good solutions you won’t let grudges take hold of your soul.

You enjoy peace and quiet, you’ll know how to forgive anyone who hurts you, and apologize for the mistakes you’ve made.

Plus, you’ll have a good level of self-love, and you’ll do things because you want to, not to seek the approval of others. As the Scorpio you are, you know your worth and what you have to offer to the world, to your partner and your family.

At times you’ll have a weak spot: recurrent criticism can harm you, especially if they come from rivals or jealous people.

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You need to grab your finances by the reins and control every cent that leaves your bank account. You’ve been a bit spendthrift lately, you’re spending more than you think and then you complain that you can’t make ends meet.

Around you there will be a series of changes, you might have a new boss or transfer to a different department. This kind of revolution might destabilize others, but not you: in fact, you like a bit of change and a bit of a challenge.

Leisure is your Achilles' heel, you’ll have to be more nitpicky when buying tickets to events or planning future holidays. You really need to cut down your expenses. Don’t be embarrassed to turn down invitations, make the other party understand that it’s not the best time for your finances.


You’ll be very concerned about health this week, but not your own but that of your friends and relatives. You’ll have to go to a hospital to pay a visit to someone who’s had surgery.

You’ll value having time to spend with your loved ones. Don’t hesitate to visit your grandparents or your parents, but without feeling you’re doing it because you have to.

Be meticulous about hygiene at home, and if you have to cook, clean all the work surfaces very well to avoid cross-contamination of the food. You need to be careful to avoid food poisoning.