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Scorpio Weekly Prediction for 31 December - 6 January

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You'll end the year with your relationship totally stabilized and stronger than ever, and your love will continue like that this first week of 2019. 

It will be a very positive week in which all the energy of the year that starts will stay with you, and it will make you love your partner more every day. 

In the case you had any doubts, this wonderful week will confirm you are with who you should be

Things are going to go differently for single Scorpios... You will let go of that person who promised so much, but with the arrival of the change of year has been revealed to be an entirely different person. You cannot close your eyes to the evidence, let him or her go their way, Scorpio.

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If you have economic matters that worry you, this week they will give you a truce. Work problems won't be your problems, but other colleagues that didn't know how to handle the situation. This isn't your problem, so forget about it, Scorpio. 

Organize, prioritize, make calendars, and have a schedule if you want to start the first week of the year on the right foot. Organization is your thing, but sometimes you leave it aside, and it's when everything goes out of control. 

If you don't have a job, this is your year, although this week it doesn't seem it is going to be. However, you'll have money, and you'll be able to live without worrying during the holidays. Only until after the holidays, Scorpio. 


You are full of energy these days; you are really excited to put an end to this cycle. But be careful, because so much energy can bounce back against you. 

You'll start your days better if you take your time to wake up and you wait for all your body to start working. Hurrying to start the day can lead you to lose heart before you expect.

In these days that the disease will be absent from your life or very diminished, you need to regain some rhythm and return to routines that have always worked for you. Perhaps it's time to go back to the gym, Scorpio...

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