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Love dilemmas aren't your thing but you must face one that you can't continue to ignore this week, or it will drive you crazy. 

On Tuesday you'll have negative feelings that will make you feel that love isn't made for you. Why does everything have to be so complicated? Look for your inner balance because you are going to need it. 

On Wednesday, you'll open like the flower that has been gestating its petals. You banish distrust by taking the first step and allowing communication to be established between the two of you.

When everything is fine between you two, someone from the past will reappear on Thursday or Friday! Just like in the movies. Establish your priorities and don't let yourself get carried away by nostalgia, your partner doesn't deserve it. 

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You don't like the beginning of the week, but you are going to like even less this Monday, unfortunately. You are going to receive some bad news that will make you have a tough day. It's more a matter of the attitude you decide to take when receiving the bad news. 

On Tuesday you will get to work to solve yesterday's setbacks, but you will fall into the error of looking for information without any previous organization. First, you must calm down and then tackle the problem, Scorpio.

Wednesday's a relief for you because you make money without expecting it. But as it comes, it goes, you just need it to pay urgently for some services that no longer admit arrears in payment.

The rest of the days will go by without any frights. Give yourself a whim, because so much stress will take a toll on you if you don't do something about it. 

Scorpios without a job can expect very good news towards the end of this week. Keep checking your inbox. 


Taking your worries very seriously is something that Scorpios do a lot, but you have to look after the state of your body. Do you have enough rest? It's not good to start the week without having slept enough unless you want to spend the days like a ghost...

Activities like tai-chi will help you balance your energies. On Tuesday, take some time because this exercise could break into your life and cause you an unprecedented good. What if you get some information about it now?

The rest of the week you'll increase your vibrations with the universe, and it will be natural to look after yourself. Take a long shower, enjoy or take some of those healthy foods that you never feel like eating.