Scorpio Weekly Horoscope | Magis Horoscope



The last thing you want on Mondays is to worry about your emotions, much less about the feelings of others!

With a lot in mind, you find it difficult to focus on your relationships, but on Tuesday you'll start to feel the need to enjoy some time with your loved ones. Value the small details, because your partner has them every day with you and you may not be taking them into account. 

As the week goes by, your desire to love and socialize with others will increase.

Wednesday will be an interesting day because you might be in contact with people that you haven't spoken to for long. The relatives you don't have much contact with might get in touch with you to talk about complicated issues...

The rest of the week, your family will be your main concern, willing to protect them and making sure they are fine. Remember they will always be there for you. 

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You're in a delicate moment of your professional career, in which it's no longer valid to do the same as others. In order to stand out, you must be willing to make more or less great sacrifices.

This weekend you will have to work very hard, either in the office or at home. These efforts can have the best consequences for you.

However, don't forget that you need both your feminine and masculine part in this path that you have set for yourself.

This means that intense work and showing yourself vehemently is essential, but not less than worrying about the needs of other colleagues and trying to be more understanding at work, Scorpio.


Analyzing your emotions harms you and sets you away from the present moment, look for a friendlier way to inquire about your emotional problems. Have conversations with real friends, and ask for their opinions.

Stress is going to be one of your problems this week; you have put a lot of pressure over your shoulders. If you take a job, it's because you can deal with it, so don't fall apart now. Take out your weapons to deal with all the tension: relaxation and focus of attention.

To finish, you must take care of your diet a little more. Well-cooked, yet simple dishes nourish your body but also reinforce your morale and mood.