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What do you think about lies, Scorpio? Before you answer, the stars say that you’ll be the one to lie your way through life. You’ll do it constantly, almost for pleasure, to hide your true feelings and emotions.

You’ll value your freedom, but you might end up losing it if you become possessive, Scorpio.

No one belongs to anyone, and your partner is with you because they want to, don’t ever forget this. Rather than imposing limitations on what they do, limit yourself to loving them. And remember that humor can dispell almost any kind of vexation.

You might mess up at some point, or even more than once; the second you realise you’ve made a mistake, try to fix it there and then, without looking back or waiting for the cosmos to resolve things in its wisdom. This advice is especially useful if you’re single.

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Careful with your wallet and your income. This week there’ll be unforeseen circumstances, unfortunately, more than you’d like, and you’ll have to spend money on various things. As they say, you’ll have to fix many leaks, some will be quite big.

But your problems won’t be too big as you’ll be able to cut down your expenses, such as making the most of offers and discounts to avoid lacking anything over the next few days. There’ll be times when you’ll even look like a Scrooge with your friends and acquaintances.

At least in the area of business the Magic Horoscope foresees great dynamism, the stars will favour closing deals, drafting agreements and commercial collaborations, and, generally speaking, you’ll have a gift for negotiating.


You’re a veritable Indiana Jones now that August has arrived. Your body demands action, extreme sports, heavy and unusual activities, which also convey a certain level of risk.

The stars also promote a competitive spirit, and you’ll want to sign up for marathons, football championships and other kinds of sporting competitions.

You’ll be great at finding tips to improve your body and your appearance, but always verify things first. Not everything you find on social media is true, alright?

Feeding your brain would also be great, you can do it with strategy games or by enjoying a good book. If the book is challenging, all the better. It will take you on an adventure without needing to go out of your house!