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You are expected to have an excellent week because the planets stabilize for you. Venus is in an advantageous position. Enjoy it, because, after the streak you've been through, you deserve to be at peace with who you love.

Share your happiness and your best moments with them, for this only contributes to your heart expanding more and more every day.

Share some of these emotional feelings with your family; you haven't seen them for a long time. It could be an ill relative or a conversation of those that go beyond the everyday life explanation. Talk about what really matters, Scorpio.

On the other hand, this weekend something is going to upset you, but it will make you learn something important that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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Look for a moment to clear your head during the week; your job is absorbing you too much. After very intense days, it's time you do something for yourself. 

You invest money brilliantly when it affects your happiness. Open your wallet without thinking about it, you have money, Scorpio. Go out for dinner at a very nice restaurant, or go for a massage at a very peaceful spa session. Use your imagination and relax.

You will receive an unexpected income; you would never imagine the source of such abundance. Don't ask and accept it with your arms wide open. 


During this week, your mind should be in good shape, otherwise, the state of your health drops. It's tempting to let oneself go by a passive and stagnated energy current, but it goes against the passionate nature of Scorpio. 

Playing an instrument, trying new activities, and even taking meditation classes, they're very favorable actions to do this week, primarily if you've never carried them out before, Scorpio.