Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for 8 - 14 April

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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The Magic Horoscope predicts an excellent complicity between Scorpios and their partners, to the point where your children or other relatives might feel pushed aside. Be careful with that, ok?

But also be careful not to neglect your other half, they might get jealous and cause a scene which would be best avoided.

If you’re single there will be surprises for you, unexpected dates or suitors you would have never imagined; but you won’t feel like letting your hair down.

Perhaps you’ve just gotten out of a horrible relationship, or you got your heart broken and stomped on?

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You have to wake up and focus on your financial situation, and analyze your bank statements as if you were from the IRS.

The planetary influences will be very favourable for you, and you’ll be able to skillfully grow both professionally and socially, if you’re proactive about it.

Work will be very demanding over the next few days, and that will take its toll, especially when it comes to looking after your family, pets and many other obligations.

But the Magic Horoscope promises it will be worth it, every drop of sweat off your forehead will be rewarded threefold.

Short-term investments will be the most profitable ones, but don’t go crazy investing in companies you’ve no control over at all. It could be the end of you!


Little fortunate Scorpio! Your health will benefit from the unconditional support of Mars, who will be your protector. No one dares disturb the God of War!

Thus, you’ll be able to plan long-term projects, especially if they’re linked to weight loss or quitting habits such as smoking.

This new astral cycle will also be the perfect moment to broaden your horizons, to start practicing sports, or start doing things you’ve been wanting to do for a while.

Remember that wellbeing isn’t limited to your body, it also comes from your mind, so feed your brain good books and strategy and intelligence games, such as good old chess.