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You’ll be a good pacifier in your love life, your objective perspective of the situation will save your romance for being thrown away over a few points which aren’t entirely clear.

Your morals and your desire to give affection will be good, but if you make too much of an effort you might feel fatigued, drained of energy.

Romantic passion will be given the right priority; sex won’t be the driving force in your life (even though it has been in the past). Frivolity, however, could be a good weapon, capable of warming up your partner when they’re giving you the cold shoulder.

If you’re single, the sky promises exciting meetings and sensual encounters which could have surprising outcomes.

You’ll have a strong feeling that Venus is blessing you with new loves, now you just need Cupid to start shooting arrows at you from the second you leave your house.

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You’ll have more work than expected, and as a consequence, this week you’ll have to deal with unforeseen circumstances that will affect you directly or indirectly, Scorpio.

This could cause even more tension for some, who will want to get back to their routine, looking for a way to fix things without getting overwhelmed.

At times you’ll be somewhat fanciful, however: you’ll be so confident in your abilities that you’ll think you’re a character from the tale of the dairymaid, who kept thinking about the house she’d buy with the milk jug she was carrying on her head.

Just like the character from the tale, one misstep could leave you with no milk and no money.


You’ll want to throw in the towel with all the good habits you’ve acquired, as the bad path is a lot more fun, and a lot easier.

Be strong, and resist any temptation which might appear in front of you.

To mitigate the consequences of stress, you might slow down your day to day rhythm, step on the brakes little by little; if you do it too abruptly, you’ll feel the whiplash.

By midweek your perception of yourself will be very good, you’ll feel full of strength and vigour, but if you misuse it, nothing will be able to save you from an injury.