Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for 9 - 15 September

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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Your love stories will be full of ups and downs this week. To begin with, there’s an unexpected declaration of feelings in your sky; someone you know will confess they hold a candle for you. Could it be they’re your soulmate but you haven’t noticed yet?

Your ability to transmit feelings and emotions is skewed though. You’ll regret sending more than one message on your phone, or you might make the huge mistake of sending an “I want you” or a racy picture to someone you shouldn’t. These won’t be your most discrete days.

You’ll have great creativity to make your loved ones smile, and if you’re in a relationship, make sure you give them a kinky gift or organize an idyllic evening with scented candles to engage the senses and transport you to the seventh heaven.

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This week you’ll have good luck in everything related to contests and competitions (this includes depositions and tests of any kind, naturally). Anything that has to do with proving your worth or your abilities will be protected by the stars.

However, Fortune doesn’t smile at you when it comes to gambling, so don’t bet money you have over a game of cards or at the slot machines, because you’ll deplete your accounts completely.

We’ve previously emphasized how great your creativity is, so try to make the most of it with original ideas. If you copy others (or plagiarize their work, call it what you will) you’ll sooner or later be found out, and it won’t be pretty. Respect other people’s intellectual property.

Unnecessary and impulsive purchases can be your undoing; control your expenses, write it down and crack your numbers daily to have a good perspective of what you have and what you spend. This way you’ll learn from your mistakes.


Your health blossoms like the flowers in springtime, as these days the Magic Horoscope promises a lot of self-love and the best disposition to lead a healthy and balanced life.

You’ll ditch the sweets you usually turn to when you’re bored, and you’ll exercise more; some will finally decide to start using the gym membership they had stashed away.

You’ll value security and you’ll focus on hiding some aspects of your body you don’t like (but remember that everybody is different, there’s no two alike).

However, it doesn’t appear to be a particularly eventful week, Scorpio; in fact, you’ll sleep better than you have in months, and at times you’ll even struggle to wake up. The world could be ending and still you wouldn’t be able to leave Morpheus’s arms.