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Full Scorpio Magic Horoscope Forecast for Saturday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 17th March
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Two's company, three's a crowd. However, sometimes you're not so sure of it, Scorpio... It's being difficult for you to believe 100% in monogamy. 

Sometimes things that society dictates don't go with the individual feelings that each of us have. Pluto is the planet that always pushes you to go beyond, changing what's established by society. 

In the deepest part of you, you may be regretting not being able to establish romantic ties with more than one person. It isn't only a sexual issue... Your nature is more subtle and elevated than that. You truly desire spiritual ecstasy through others.

However, the emotional energy you have is finite. Think of all the work involved in having a good relationship, imagine two!

The teaching of the stars is that you must learn to set limits, even if your mind goes beyond your time. Creating friendships of solid bonds could satisfy this need that nests deeply in you.


You'll be quite lucky today, great! If you have free time, it's time for you to invest it in your capacities and how to make them better. 

Learning languages can be fun and there are many possibilities associated to the simple fact of being fluent in another language.

You can travel around the world working as a receptionist, for example. The youth hostels offer a complete experience, because you visit a new country at the same time that you surround yourself with young people and good moments.

Think about your options in travelling and expanding horizons, it's time to think big!


You share bad habits with your group, which has become your distinguishing mark.

If you are one of the Scorpios that have already got over this period, the planets demand a greater commitment with your health. How do you achieve the next level? Through physical exercise that connects with your mind.

You're not very active just lately, despite controlling your diet and everything else. Remember that in life everything is a fair and constant balance. 

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