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The Friday January 26th Scorpio Stars Prediction

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People say that 'one hand washed the other' and you're willing to check it. After getting over those hard times in love, you feel that nothing can damage you and you'll completely focus on your relationship with that person you've just met.

Now that you're not afraid of losing that person, you no longer attract negative energies which were being harmful to you. You are also showing yourself that you're willing to enjoy love without tensions and worries.

Don't commit the error of blaming the other person. The attitude change is something you've got and you should be proud of it!


Being punctual is vital as for businesses, and lately you're not precise on time. Although it doesn't look like, there are many reasons to explain your manners, and between them there's the one of being too narcissist.

And it is hard for these people to put themselves in others' position, and that's why they don't understand that they might damage people. Arriving late to the job meeting due to today could harm you, don't let thing get even worse.


You're decided to do your best and stand far from conventionalisms. Gym looks like a too crowded place as you like to stand over other people and you'll spend part of the day looking for a different sport which could suit you.

You have taken for granted that you're looking for something that requires concentration and dedication, so taekwondo or fencing will call your attention. Learning how to overcome others' movements is something still unknown for you, but you can succeed in it.

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