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The Sunday January 28th Scorpio Stars Prediction

Scorpio: Your Star Sign Revelations | 16




For single Scorpios, it's been a week of ups and downs in which you've finally got to attract positive energies. Along the day, you'll see that one of your new friends and romances you've recently met vanish. It's just a king of filter to see if they are worthy of belonging to your story.

In relationships, you'll discover a new goal to reach and you'd not be afraid of facing it. An important change such as a new home or the will to have children always scares people, but thanks to the stars you'll be together throughout this difficult path.


You've been looking for ways to get extra income everywhere but nothing worked. The end of the month is near and your situation is desperate. What's more, the couple plans overwhelm you and you wonder if it's the right moment to start them. Though not in the best economic moment, someone will offer all their help to carry on and not looking for any interest. Accept the kindness offer and take into account what they are doing as they might need you help in the coming future.


You're wondering if doing sport is a good way to get better from your health. Of course, it is always, but wonder if you're picking the right activity or the sport you like the best. The options are endless and no excuse is accepted. On the other hand you're visiting a specialist because of the headaches you're feeling which remain despite taking medicines. Follow their advice. About the drop in the blood pressure you had yesterday, it's probably something temporary caused by your heavy emotions.

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