Scorpio Horoscope TODAY

23 Oct - 21 Nov

Scorpio today: Your horoscope for the January 21, 2020

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Developing good dialogue is a part of your relationship. Romance requires all the areas of your relationship to be covered. Both physical and intellectual areas need to complement one another to save you from getting bored.

It’s useless to feel comfortable in your intimacy if then sharing a film that you both like or going to watch a play becomes mission impossible. For this reason, Scorpio, it's time to change some of your habits.

Being flexible isn’t being weak, you’ll just learn to be compatible in a more complete way, without losing yourself.

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Even though you feel tempted to go backwards in your professional life, perhaps it’s not the best thing for you, Scorpio.

The stars show a tendency to idealize the past.

The way in which you used to work was alright, however now everything has changed, you’re not the only one who's changed. The world is no longer the way it was, and for this reason, things will never go back to the way they were.

It’s important to keep your family and professional matters separate, or you’ll have to put up with comments or opinions which bring nothing to the party and which don’t help you in any way.

Domestic matters could negatively affect your finances. Perhaps your house needs urgent maintenance, or an old creditor has come back and this throws your budget off. Take these challenges calmly. They’ll have a solution.


The stars bring relief for chronic ailments and illnesses for Scorpio. Generally speaking, you’ll feel good if you are moderate and don’t overexert your vitality and nerves through too much activity.

It’s a great day to look after yourself. A visit to the masseur, an hour in the sauna or swimming will do you a world of good.