Scorpio Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Saturday 1st September

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In love, things are very disputed. You've set your mind on that person, Scorpio... The problem? They are really popular! Your date is going out with other people apart from you. 

The stars invite you to fight for that feeling that is born inside of you because you'll be able to be better than the rest. The planets incline the scale to your favor, on the condition that you aren't extremely "intense" wanting to tell them everything you feel. 

The scorpion is clever and knows that its stronger from the shade.  Make the difference with the rest. 

Instead of meeting to watch romantic movies and opt for the easy options, take them to do some activity. Do some dangerous sports, like rafting or canyoning. Make them live special experiences that they won't be able to forget!


At work, you do what would correspond to two workers; at home, you are the one who is in charge of the family... For a long time, you have had to be strong.  And now it will be inevitable that you break down. You've put up with a lot, Scorpio!

Today you will become aware of your situation and you'll ask yourself why you have to do everything.  The rest take advantage of your work. It's time for you to get something in reward!

At home, you have the right to demand that everyone does their bit. Your survival ability has taken you too far, forgetting that the rest can also help!


At the slightest provocation, you get angry and enter the game. When you feel worried or anxious, you tend to overeat. And so, before any event in your life more or less unpleasant, you enter a cloudy state of mind.

How are you going to find peace like this? The problem of giving free rein to the first thing you feel is that then you suffer the consequences in your body and in your mind. You need more control of your impulses.

Take a breath and calm down before acting. You are like a time bomb. If you see that you have a world to achieve, consider the option of receiving professional help. You will notice the changes after a couple of sessions, Scorpio.