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Magic Horoscope Reveals Your Scorpio Horoscope for Monday, September 10th

Health, Money and Love Prediction for Today, Monday
Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



You usually use your attraction powers very well but today you'll be tempted to use your fatal attraction weapons for the evil, Scorpio...

Are you flirting with your rival's partner for revenge? You think these things are fun and they make you feel a bit more alive. 

However, it's something that the Magic Horoscope doesn't agree with. Especially when all the negative things you throw at the world, will be returned against you, Scorpio...

If you have a partner, you might feel bored of being together al the time. You have to make a move to cultivate some mystery in your life.  Start an activity or hobby on your own; let them guess what you're up to...


You're in an economic balance in which everything is measured. A false move and everything collapses.

It isn't a reason for you to get paranoid and want to keep all your savings under the mattress of your bed... None of that! Just stick to the usual expenses, instead of splurging on what you don't need.

At the moment, there will be unforeseen events in which you have to invest your money. What's more, if you check your bills, you will discover that you can reduce the amount by dropping services that you don't need.


Everything indicates that your sexual health could suffer if you don't take the appropriate measures. Certain compulsions in bed threaten the balance of what is good and healthy. Less is more.

Any type of sport, walking, running or cycling will be excellent options for you. They will make you unleash all that energetic potential that you have inside, without exposing your health, Scorpio.

Mosquito bites are not something to be taken lightly. Buy a repellent if you don't want to be cannon fodder for these insects.


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