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Be very, very careful... You've annoyed someone and now that person wants revenge, no matter what and whatever it takes. How scary!

You can accept this karma with resignation or take measures in the matter. A lot of dialogue and not entering their game,  this is what the planets advice you, Scorpio. 

Another advice that will be important in the future is that, no matter how well you are with your partner,  try not sending them sexual photos. Especially if your partner is from an earth sign.

Unfortunately, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn tend to the worst when they feel wounded.  This way you hedge your bets because they want to take revenge on you in this creeping way. 


You will receive a notification that will give you more income! You could receive incentives in your work; an advance payment or a salary increase ...

The papers that you moved long ago and that you had a forgotten about, will also bring you good news. You will receive the aids and services requested.

Money, simply, in one way or another, will flow, so don't worry a bit because lately, you were adopting a stingy behavior. This was starting to worry your friends and family.

After so much saving, don't forget to spend part of what you have earned, that's what it is for. Or another person could end up benefiting from what you have achieved with so much effort.


Doing physical effort, do you feel so exhausted that it leaves you without energy for the rest of the day? Mars in a cosmic evil detracts much from the Scorpio natives.

It will be after some few days that Mars will bless you again with the energy that it always gives you. Don't worry and continue living a normal life, within your means and without forcing yourself, Scorpio. Get a stronger coffee than normal.

If you haven't been going for a routine check for a long time, it's time to do it. Even if you don't have any disease, you should be aware of your general physical condition.