Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



Your mind is aligned with what you feel. Total love! And, for once, you feel how everything flows. That person who accompanies you is just who you want to be with. The picture drawn by the planets of your love is quite promising!

The responsibilities within the couple, far from being a burden, you find attractive. It fills you and it makes you happy to make that person who completes you happy.

The family issues will require your attention, but you'll know how to solve them without problems. If you're the one in charge of organizing and of the preparations, you will find the job bearable.

From the Magic Horoscope, the planets foretell a day in which you'll feel comfortable with that more serious part of love: responding to the needs of others. You know they would do the same for you.


Good news for your economy, you will see how your bank account numbers grow! They are the good influences of Jupiter, in conjunction with Saturn.

You will take the lead in your business or job and that will make you move up in a very short time. Try to organize others, because you have excellent capabilities for it.

You will need some help for the issue of paperwork related to payments and bills. It's very important that you don't let it go and look for this support, as an advisor or someone you trust that understands.


Losing some weight is the best way of alleviating the knee pains. The joints may be suffering because of this. 

However, there are other measures that you can take, apart from a healthy diet to solve this problem. For example, doing some moderate exercise every day. 

Sweet food is too good and it's difficult for you to resist them, but think that that pleasure is momentary, Scorpio.

Do you need to work on your willpower? You will find the support you need in your family, if you explain them the situation. Come on! Do it for those who you love the most.