Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



It's been a long time since the last time you felt that feeling of love at first sight. Today you'll dust off your heart! The heat and the temperature will rise to a certain point that you'll feel you have a fever. Sparks fly!

Stop surprising yourself and get on with it. Fight for that person that makes you feel alive. Don't attend social considerations, in the case that there is a n age difference between you. Love doesn't understand social standards. 

You'll receive the support of people that love you. They see you happier than ever. That person is good for you. Don't take any notice of the opinions of the rest!


Too much time obsessed with your goals has made you lose sight of your family and friends. Some of those people you love so much may be going through economic difficulties of some seriousness.

Let no goal make you lose your humanitarian values. They are the ones that distinguish you and elevate you as a professional, and as a human being! Start your generosity and altruism, they need you more than ever and it's not that you're doing badly financially.

At work, you will have the opportunity to help less experienced colleagues. Do you remember how you received help when you didn't know what to do? Fate puts you now in the position of the teacher.


The dryness of the skin, far from being a mere aesthetic consideration, is a problem for your health. You feel pain and discomfort in areas that you neglect.

That is why it's more than advisable that you apply moisturizing cream to your hands and legs. You don't need the most expensive one of the market; with a mid-range will be enough.

So you should also use sunscreen every time you go outside. Although you believe that a cloudy sky protects you, UVA rays penetrate equally into the skin.