Full Horoscope for Scorpio for This Coming Wednesday 22nd August by Magic Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Wednesday
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- Love
- Money
- Health


Those feelings that flourish in you, continue to expand every day... In your mind and in your heart, you're always thinking about it. How nice!

This influence from Neptune paints everything pink. Enjoy the good feelings, but not without paying attention to all its qualities, but also its defects.

Don't close yourself to reality and ask yourself the right questions, before continuing. Do they want something serious or are they just playing with you? Are their dreams of the future compatible with mine? These are common sense questions that you are in your right to make.

As an experienced person that you are, you are no longer up for daydreams that lead nowhere, Scorpio.


It's a stressing day in which you'll keep having problems. It looks like today, the world is upside down.

Find a moment to take a breath and put your thoughts in order. What is the most important problem to solve? What actions should you take?

Some leadership skills that you thought were forgotten will come out of you. The stars present you an opportunity to show that Scorpio isn't intimidated by adversity.

Don't wait until you explode to start delegating tasks.  You are a team, that is what it's for.

From this day, very good consequences for you at the economic level can come. Pay for overtime, monetary recognition, etc.


The body suffers with that stress you are carrying. Your muscular pains are nothing but accumulated tension.

You can ask for an appointment with the masseuse or try to solve your discomfort by relaxing a bit.

Evading the mind and occupying it in beautiful things is also necessary! Not everything will be work and work. What kind of life would that be?

Go out with a friend for a walk, take a free afternoon or disconnect by reading. It's been a long time since you read something that fills you.