Scorpio Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 23rd August

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Venus in fluid contact with Uranus will favor your relationships and will give you fresh and renewed air. It's a good moment to revitalize those relationships that have become repetitive or boring, apart from the one that you have with your partner.

You'll break out of the routine and you'll discover things with other people that you've never done before. Fantastic!

If you've been a dependent person, under the influence of today, you'll achieve moving with more skills and freedom. Without more explanations! Wherever the wind takes you, Scorpio. 

In the case that you're still single, you need someone who stimulates you and that you feel intensely attracted to. It's not only the fact that they are nice. You're dying to feel the rockets of passion! Don't accept less from life. 


What if you try going to the company meetings, Scorpio? Even if they bore you, it's here where you can establish interesting contacts. 

You may even make new friends! In the workplace they can give an appearance and then be completely different on the street.

Even if it's in the middle of the week, you shouldn't neglect the order of your house. A house in bad conditions disturbs good vibrations and doesn't let the abundance to enter your life.

Order a bit all the days. Clean a room a day and it will feel more enjoyable. You'll see how your house will be in order for a long time.


An energy change is approaching for the Scorpios. Spontaneously, you will notice how you wake up in a good mood and wanting to do things.

Encourage the entry of new energies by performing a thorough care of your body. If you care for your body, you're taking care of your mind. 

The practices that will most favor you are those related to water. A bath of mineral salts or just a few laps in the nearest beach will leave you totally renewed.