Full Scorpio Magic Horoscope Forecast for Friday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 24th August
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Now that you have rebuild your life, the destiny will want an ex-partner to come back into scene. And they have come back to try and come back with you, Scorpio!

Their approach may not be evident at the beginning. They'll try to coincide with you in your daily activities; they'll try to talk to you nearly every day... They want you to think it's only friendship, but there's something else. 

At this point you have to ask yourself if you really want to be with that person again. It's true, people change and second chances exist.

However, everything point that once you get back together, the relationship will be relaxed, and it will go with the same behaviour patterns. Is that what you want?

If you're looking for a partner, avoid manipulations, because once you achieve what you really want, you can get a disappointment...


The expenses made during the month, have left you skidding with money. The economy falters. But do not regret anything. You enjoyed it, and what is done, is done.

The fault won't be completely yours. You won't stop going to the wedding of that very important person for you because of money matters, right? The suit, the hairdresser, the present for the couple...

Next month you can recover from the losses. Of course, try to save something, facing the future. Don't always go with one hand in front and one behind, Scorpio.


The firmament brings very good news for you! You will recover from an annoying illness or you will receive a call from the hospital to communicate the good results of a test.

If you have been called to enter the operating room, after a long waiting list, you should know that the protective influence of the stars augurs for you an intervention without complications. Fantastic!

Try harder than ever to eat healthy, Scorpio. Although it's difficult for you to swallow, good foods are a guarantee of health. Help boost your immune system.