Scorpio Magic Horoscope for 25th August

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- Love
- Money
- Health


What for others is a nuisance, for you is part of the act of loving someone for real.

Love isn't a fairytale that is only about having fun. In the bad moments is when you show all your support and all your love. You want the other person to be happy, at all costs.

If you live with your partner, a delicate situation will take place in which you'll have a very important role to make things go well again. 

A call of a relative will require part of your attention. They need your scorpion advice, hard but always effective.


Something inside of you will wake up, like a long-caged hungry lion... You crave to take charge of your destiny and begin to achieve your goals.

The time of personal doubts is over. It's time for you to move forward and that you dive into whatever you're passionate about. Nobody can do it for you!

Scorpios feel attraction for jobs where helping others and being able to benefit others is the main thing. It's something intrinsic to your protective personality.

Well, the planets assure you a resounding success, if you enter this professional branch!


Your health could be broken because of a food in bad condition. Are you one of those who die for a piece of undercooked meat? It's better that this time you ask for it just right, Scorpio. You run the risk of infection.

The problems related to blood are the main characters of today. The results of that analysis that you did some time ago may reveal that you have some decompensation in the composition of the blood.

Nothing serious, but you will have to temporarily adapt your diet to restore yourself, Scorpio.