Full Scorpio Magic Horoscope for Wednesday, 29th August

Full Forecast for Today, Wednesday
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Be honest, aren't you bored of doing the same every day? People know about your emotional stability, but from there to not remembering when was the last time you gave a passionate kiss to your partner...

With a little involvement in the relationship, you can reverse the emotional drought. Who has the concern, has the obligation to do something!

The planets point out that there are aspects in your life that you don't assume. The change is in your hand. Be very careful with this, because if this change doesn't occur, you may lose everything.


Do you have a friend, co-worker, etc., who you ask yourself when are they going to start working? Don't worry, that person doesn't need anything. If they aren't moving, it is because they don't need it! Don't be jealous.

Although others have a determined life, you must fight for your own. By working you will be able to improve your living conditions, instead of being satisfied with what they give you. So you don't depend on third parties to do well.

While others complain about their fate, without doing anything to solve the situation, you have taken the reins. The stars assure you a sustained economy, as long as you maintain this attitude.


Accept it, life isn't going to be the way it was before. It's time to take certain changes. Otherwise, those gastric ulcers won't disappear! Yes, as you read it. Ulcers usually have an emotional origin.

It doesn't matter that you don't want that new job, that person who is interested in you... Banish this thought! Life is a constant flow forward. You don't do yourself any good by clinging to what won't come back. No matter how hard it is.

In these new situations, you can also live happiness. Even more than before! If you accept the change, the triumph is guaranteed, Scorpio.