Scorpio Magic Horoscope for This Coming Monday, September 3rd

The Future Prediction from the Stars for Today, Monday
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You lose sleep, even appetite, you sigh... Only love would make a human being behave this way! But for "that" person? You don't really know why you like them so much, but admit it, you can't get them out of your head!

Don't deny the evidence. Even if they don't fit your canon of perfection, this time don't be so perfectionist or you'll end up alone.

We all have defects but you have to learn to appreciate and focus on their best virtues. Something in you knows intuitively that they are totally different from the rest. In effect, you'll have the chance of living an incomparable security, loyalty, and passion next to them.


The high expectations you have in your job lead you to give the best of you. The problem? That in your desire for perfection, you forget that you are a person who also has to do other things, like, live!

Learning to delegate is a must in your case, Scorpio. Trust the ability of others. With your acute sense of criticism, you mine the confidence of your colleagues, and this makes the performance even lower...

From the Magic Horoscope, the advice is to conserve your energies. When you decide which wars are worth fighting, you get extraordinary results.

The positive part of this day is that you will correctly manage the resources of the home. They are few but you will know how to manage them wisely.


You'll have to study the possibility of acquiring a new lifestyle. This need to rethink the basics of what you do in health matters comes from the hand of Neptune in conjunction with Pluto for the natives of Scorpio.

Drinking, smoking, having cereals for breakfast, etc., are behaviors that are socially accepted and learned in behavior, we don't question them. But are they the most ideal?

Ask yourself about why we do what we do, in a very healthy and very brave exercise. You will get your own answers.