Scorpio Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Friday 31st August

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- Love
- Money
- Health


You love being the one in charge in your relationship, and why deny it, the other part also likes it! Today you'll feel you have that power. 

Your whims are going to be taken care of to the point of exceeding your expectations. Your magnetism is very hard to resist, especially if you wear colorful clothes today, such as red or yellow. There is something animal in the way you move that will simply captivate your partner.

Have fun with your sensuality, today you will be in their eyes a kind of sexual goddess. A lot of animation in bed is foreseen. And out of it! Passion will drive you to do something crazy...

If you don't have a partner, you won't miss any very much. You will get all the benefits of a relationship, without taking the burdens of commitment. Intense sex assured. Enjoy!


Your intuition will be wide awake. At work, you will have good ideas that you will know how to give some shape.

In this case let yourself be carried away by your fantasy and imagination. Those projects that you want to start up, more for fun than for anything else, will be successful!

Putting up a dessert stand or some craft stand, are activities according to the astral influences of the moment. Engage yourself in activities that require you to externalize your emotions, Scorpio.


Are you worried about the fragility of your nails? They constantly break so they make your fingers unprotected before external agents. In addition, they are a source of infection if their hygiene is neglected.

Nails in poor condition can also be an indication that there is something in your body that is not working well. In matters of nutrition, there are some vitamins that you may not be assimilating properly, Scorpio.

Maybe it's time to go to a dietitian to make you a menu according to your nutritional needs.