Magic Horoscope Reveals How This Coming Tuesday Is Going to Be for Scorpio

Your Full Horoscope for Today, Tuesday 4th September
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Having a relationship isn't a synonym of happiness all the time and that things, necessarily have to go well.  You can't control what goes through the other person's head. 

Accepting this fact, you'll overcome your tendency to breaking up, at the slightest sign4 that things aren't going well.

You will know how to transform yourself and induce change, without the need to bring about a "tangible" ending, such as the breaking of the bond between you two. Your great emotional depth can become enlightening for the other.

Single Scorpios could be afraid of starting a relationship. For them, the Magic Horoscope tells them to take their time to choose the right person. They will take time to appear, but they exist.

Work on yourself to attract your life to who corresponds to your real values.


The expansion of your economy is upwards. They can raise you in rank in your company. Give thanks to your excellent decisions and organizing capacity.

There will be plenty of people who want to give you advice. After judging their intentions, also observe if what they say corresponds to what they apply in themselves. It is very common that this isn't like this! In that case, do not waste your time attending to unsound measures.

Stay calm, because they won't fire you from work. These ideas have no reason to be. However, your most Scorpio side leads you to be always alert, although in this case, it won't be necessary.


Being lactose intolerant doesn't mean necessarily that you can't enjoy milk and milk products. The consumption decreases and above all, decant yourself for fermented products, such as yogurt.

Surprisingly, if you are also intolerant to other foods, this could be the reason why it is so difficult for you to eliminate those extra pounds. But you may not know about it! Because they are foods that produce discreet allergies in your body.

The good news is that through a test of the immune system, you will know what other foods cause you allergy. By reducing them in your diet, you will see that you can start losing weight little by little