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You're going through a temporary separation.  Contrary to what your friends and family say, it isn't to sleep with another person. In this case, it will be useful to put priorities and feelings in order.

It will be a moment of inner awakening and thoughts about love will come to you that will make you appreciate everything that person has done for you, and that life without him/her would lose noticeably in color.

They will both return to the relationship with a baggage of experiences that will be very useful to the other and above all, having greater emotional maturity.

And if fate finally decides to put it on separate paths, you can remain as best friends. Challenging social conventions! Love never ends when it is real; it only changes in its manifestation...


Everything can go fine, but small setbacks and financial problems will be inevitable. Especially regarding the expenses of third parties that you will feel obliged to cover.

If you have a partner, they could ask you for some money. You don't mind helping, but deep down you don't stop thinking that this person should know how to manage themselves...

For the sake of your relationship (and your pocket), make it clear that you help this time, but that in the future the story will be very different.

If you don't have a partner, the flight of money will be due to loans and coworkers that will lead you to make a mistake, with the consequent decrease in your payroll!


Take vitamins and food supplements, it's useful to balance the deficiencies of the body. One of the vitamins most needed by Scorpio and the most popular is vitamin C and it's super good at preventing colds.

However, depending on how they are consumed, its effect will depend! It isn't good to take them in any way.

If you want to observe their benefits in you, adding citrus to tea helps you assimilate it or take the vitamin along with dairy products such as yogurt, cheese. It can even help you reduce abdominal fat!

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