Scorpio Horoscope TOMORROW

23 Oct - 21 Nov

Scorpio tomorrow: Your horoscope for the January 25, 2020

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The planetary changes that have taken place lately have favoured you, Scorpio. You’ve found new places in your heart that you thought didn’t exist. Harmonious manners in your family bonds and in your rapport with your nearest and dearest will favour communication, and thanks to this you live in a more flowing and grateful way.

It’s a day where you can express your feelings with absolute freedom without pressure or fear of judgement from others. You're also more open to listening with an open mind and no judgement for what others have to tell you.

Problems with women close to you mellow down and your heart couldn’t be happier.

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The stars show a peaceful day in terms of your financial life, however, you might feel tempted to spend on purchases for the home and decoration which might not be all that necessary right now.

Many know of your current material needs and you shouldn’t get angry if they remind you of them. Decorating your home might require a lot fewer resources than you think. You just need to appeal to good taste and with a couple of hours of work and some ingenuity you’ll be able to modify your spaces and make your home cosy.

We all have a friend who knows about decoration and you could ask them to give you a hand. You could spend a fun afternoon doing a spot of painting or looking for new fabrics to make cushion covers.


The stars show very favourable energy for Scorpio. We forecast a pleasant day where good spirits and joie de vivre unite and improve any symptoms or ailments you may be experiencing.

If you’re convalescing, you’ll get better soon. Focus on positive thoughts.