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Scorpio Weekly Prediction for 10-16 December

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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If your week had a motto, it would be: "Go easy on drama, Scorpio." You will feel the need of opening up and exposing your feelings, but you'll also want to receive the truths of the rest. They want to or not! This is uncomfortable. 

Your partner is genuinely in love, but once again, trying to force the situations will lead you to bitter arguments, when the truth is that you both want the same thing: a formal relationship. 

If it's always you who takes the steps, it isn't fair. Let the other part make some decisions. 

To sum up, there is perfect will and above all, much love in your relationship, it wouldn't hurt to have a more relaxed position. And if you are recently flirting with someone because you like them, this advice is also for you, single Scorpio.


Economic support will come at the best moment. Despite being in short supply of money, a change in your mentality and above all, keeping your ego well at bay, you will make money that you need.

Your relationship with your colleagues isn't going to be very good; there's someone who wants to put sticks and stones in the middle of your way so you can't move forward. But relationships aren't going to get any better even if you try to fix the working relationship.

You've already seen that your astral horizon won't be the best, but what you will be able to clear up this week is that renouncing whims that are just not for you, you will manage to live very happily anyway.


A fantastic week in the aspect of health. The injuries you may suffer at this time will cause you rather few modesty and will heal quickly.

Be careful at home because some tensions between planets can cause accidents at home, especially on Tuesday 11th. 

Are you eating all the nutrients that your diet needs? Scorpios tend to suffer from anemia in these days. Food with a high content of iron, such as lentils or liver, are the ideal ones for you.

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