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You are going to feel a great strain from Monday, and this will make you think that maybe you are not with the right person.

It's true that this emotional suffocation that you experiment will last all week, but the stars point out that you reconsider the situation from a perspective. Is the relationship not going well or is the problem only in your head?

Thursday will be a decisive day in which you will take the wise decision of explaining your problems to a friend. 

Watch out; the conversation isn't going to be comfortable and relaxed. On the contrary, some uncomfortable truths will come to light that you will have to face before you can continue with that person. 

The good news is that after this week, the relationship will go on better. 


The position of the stars indicates that you will hold on tight to these first days of December. It's the approach of the end when Scorpio grows and don't be alarmed if you get revolutionary ideas and the irresistible desire to change life. With your sights set in 2019...

It will be by the end of this week and after going through difficult internal processes that you will decide to start looking for a new job or project, something that you like and that gives you everything you need economically speaking. 

You can't get angry with everyone because of that precarious job you do, Scorpio. Take measures as soon as possible. You'll find solutions if you start right now.


An aggressiveness that hides in you will cause accidents around you of all kinds, and you are a firm candidate to see yourself involved in big mishaps. Be careful and watch your step. Especially if you aren't a child anymore...

In the middle of the week, you'll have to stop. Meditation or being somewhere quiet will do you good. You'll get rid of the violence inside of you without harming anyone. 

This will allow you to face the rest of t he week in the best health condition ever. You'll even be able to allow yourself a walk in your happiest memories. 

Far from living in the past, it will make your heart happy, because these memories are the ones that confirm that living always has the promise of new and exciting experiences.