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This week isn't going to start on the right foot; there are going to be an estrangement between you and your partner due to arguments you had last weekend, this is what the stars foresee, Scorpio. 

But not everything is lost. Although your week starts a bit disappointingly, on Thursday, your partner will show you with their actions that they belong with you. Their influence is incredibly positive, although sometimes it is difficult for you to see. He or she will do something for you that will touch your heart.

This weekend won't have anything to do with the previous one, luckily! Your most friendly part will come out of you, and you'll know how to tolerate last minute changes. Saturday will be the best day for reconciliations with family and friends


A weekend is approaching in which restrictions will be the norm. The end of the month is already in sight, and you still have necessary expenses to make...

While you apply these restriction measures, you'll deploy your means to find new money sources apart from your current salary. And they will give some results, Scorpio! Especially if you try your luck in the service sector.

However, it will be inevitable that you ask yourself if it's worth working that much. You are a very energetic person, but after everything that has happened these days, it's normal that you lose energy. 

The stars are in favor of you trying it in another place. Fortune guaranteed! Your partner will support you throughout the process.


Throughout the week your ability to adjust to the exigencies of your means will stand out. If you need to carry out a lot of tasks,  your organism will respond well, and you won't get ill. But if you keep forcing yourself, who knows!?

Any wounds you have these days will heal with ease. Both physical and emotional. There will be greater synchrony between your body and your mind (and vice versa).

Choose the people around you carefully. In this regenerative period, it is counterproductive for you to get together with people with negative vibrations.

You are not scared of shades but consider guiding your steps towards the most bright part of your life this week, Scorpio.